Do you pay attention to how you sit at work?


It's REAL important as most of our unconscious, repetitive movements impact our health as we age. Where we place our thighs, pelvis and lower back while sitting plays a significant role in how our upper spine posture is impacted. We know that sitting puts our hips in flexion which makes our hip flexors tighter and can often lead to lower back pain.

When sitting, you want to make sure that your knees are the same height or slightly lower than your hip bones (the bony parts of the front of your pelvis). This will allow the front hip flexors a bit of slack. Sit on the sits bones, the bones beneath your butt (not on the tailbone) with both feet flat on the floor. As you sit on your sits bones, lift up through the top of your head to lift the rib cage off the pelvis (which will feel like more work for some of us)! 

We'd love to hear how this works for you!

Happy Baby/Reclined Squat for Tight Hip Flexors + Back Pain

This is a great stretch to sprinkle in your workday! No change of clothes required if you are wearing pants. This pose opens the hips, inner thighs + groin. It releases the lower back + may relieve lower back pain. It also helps relieve stress + fatigue. Find a quiet place or small meeting room for privacy if you'd like. Come onto your back. Take the soles of your feet to the ceiling. You will want your shoulders and lower back to be on the ground and relaxed. Level 1, hold behind your knee creases. Level 2, hold onto your shins, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Level 3, hold the pinkie toe edges of your feet or your peace sign fingers on your big toes. Remember, there should be no stress in your shoulders and your lower back should be relaxed on the ground. Now, bring your attention to your breath. Take 10, slow, steady breaths into your groin/lower back. Open your mouth for the exhales to release any tension. Slowly rise. Enjoy your day! Try it out and let us know what you think below. xo

Put your Hips in Extension

We know that sitting for prolonged periods may lead to postural imbalances. The knees + hips are in flexion which cause the hip flexors and hamstrings to be tight. Kneeling Warrior Pose is an OMY favorite to stretch the front hip flexors, quads and knees ✌🏼 Grab a mat, block and a soft pillow if you have one. Bring your block in front of you for support. Come to your hands + knees. Lean your torso forward + take one knee to the wall. Place your heel of that bent knee to the outside of your butt. This allows your top thigh bone to internally rotate. With your hands on your block, step your other foot forward into a lunge. Knee above ankle. Level 1 as shown on the left picture, walk your front foot forward so your hips can come forward and down. Use the block to bring the floor closer to you. Level 2, shown on the right, lift your torso upright. Draw the front foot hip back and in. Lengthen the spine as you lift the front hip bones up as the floating ribs absorb in. Relax your face and shoulders. Stay for 10 breaths. Repeat each side twice. Give it a try and leave your comments below.

Kneeling Warrior Pose

Community Yoga at Collective Health

Yogis! Office Meet Yoga is back at Collective Health on 3/29 for a class focused on Spinal Extension, Chest Openers + Side Body. Suggested $10 donations will be given to Lyon-Martin Health Services helping women, lesbian and transgender patients in need. Grab some friends and come play with us! Sign up: OMY | Collective Health Monthly Community Yoga

Community Yoga at Collective Health in support of Lyon-Martin Health Services

Community Yoga at Collective Health in support of Lyon-Martin Health Services

How to include Yoga in Your Workplace Wellness Offerings

Our friends at Office Ninjas wrote an article featuring OMY and a few of our clients! If you've been wanting to add yoga & meditation to your Workplace Wellness offerings, check it out!  

'Why (and How) to Incorporate an On-Site Office Yoga Program'

Everyone WINS with Office Yoga! Employers will have reduced healthcare costs while employees will have better focus, feel less stressed and will sleep better. 

April Newsletter

Yoga Retreats, FREE monthly yoga + Yoga at Work!

    Yosemite Yoga & Nature Retreat   September 29th - October 2nd, 2016


Yosemite Yoga & Nature Retreat

September 29th - October 2nd, 2016

We're heading back to Yosemite National Park this fall for a long relaxing weekend of yoga + nature. Fall is the perfect time to slow down and rest, reset our rhythms and nourish our nervous system as we move into shorter and cooler days. We will rejuvenate with daily yoga and meditation, nature, delicious shared meals, hiking and hot tubbing.

OMY is thrilled to announce a NEW yoga retreat in Spring 2017 just outside Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Immerse yourself in the rugged and unspoiled beauty of Mexico at an environmentally-conscious resort. Sleep to the sounds of the ocean waves from your eco-luxury room with beachfront views! Practice daily yoga and meditation and so much more! 

Come join us for a FREE OMY yoga class at Eventbrite's HQ downtown San Francisco on May 5th! 

Read the OMY April Newsletter 

Office Meet Yoga | First Thursday FREE Yoga

Let's YOGA together after work downtown San Francisco on the First Thursday of every month in 2016!

OMY is offering a FREE yoga class at Eventbrite's HQ on 5th/Mission St. We hope you can join us for one or all and learn how yoga + meditation at work can help transform your day.

Registration begins 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Sign up for February 4th! OMY | First Thursday FREE Yoga 

"A mindful worker is a happier worker" on the Harvard Health Blog

YES! It's true! Check out Harvard Health's blog discussing a study looking at workers with psychological distress. "The active intervention group completed an eight-week mindfulness training program that consisted of 2-hours classes each week at work and 45 minutes of daily meditation homework. The control group did not receive any mindfulness training but reported regularly on their psychological wellbeing."


What does that mean? "The workers who took the mindfulness class had less prolonged fatigue (the feeling of exhaustion that doesn't go away even after having a chance to rest), felt less stressed, had reduced anxiety and depression, got better sleep, had less aches and pains and less problems getting along with others."

YES, YES, YES to feeling healthier, happier + more engaged in life! Mindfulness is dose-related. The more we practice mindfulness throughout the day, the more mindful we are. 

Let's do it. Give it a try!

Choose one thing you do each day - brushing your teeth, eating a meal, walking the dog. Turn your phone off. Use your senses with your experience - sight, smell, touch, taste + sound. Observe your breath, any thought and emotions you are currently having (without attachment or judgement). It's normal to get stuck in a thought during your experience. Celebrate it! Support that awareness and bring your attention back to your breath and explore the sensations of the breath. 

It is easiest if you are new to mindfulness/meditation to follow a guided meditation. OMY recommends HEADSPACE

Betabrand | Dress Pant Yoga Pants

Do you know Betabrand? A really cool, SF based online clothing label producing men's & women's fashions using community input - crowdfunding. They are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary today of their Dress Pant Yoga Pants with a 20% discount. For real, a street stylish pant that you can wear to work then practice yoga in! They exist! I've got a few pairs and LOVE them. Check them out!

Get those Legs UP!

Give yourself 10 minutes in the middle of your work day to lie on your back with your legs up! With either the support of the wall or a block under your sacrum, his calming pose is a great shape to take in the middle of the day! This pose gently stretches the backs of the legs (that get tight from sitting), can relieve mild backache, boosts the blood circulation toward the upper body and calms the mind. Whoa. Who doesn't want this?! Don't forget to breathe deeply into the outermost edges of your rib cage, while allowing all of your facial muscles to relax. Enjoy. 

We're growing! Meet the new OMY teachers.

We are delighted to have ROCKSTAR yoga teachers Stephanie Lucero & Jessica Mishra joining the OMY team. Check out their bios.

A Life Worth Breathing

Recently finished reading Max Strom's A Life Worth Breathing.  Breath work is important for personal transformation.  Max teaches us how to integrate the three pillars of transformation:  The Mind, The Emotions, and The Body.  Max is an expert in the field.  He's a speaker and author who has done a few TED talks.  If you are feeling stress, having trouble sleeping, or have anxiety check it out.  The book will help you work through emotions using the breath.  Enjoy!

A healthier culture in a month

Here’s how MuleSoft did it.

“Being healthy isn’t just about running marathons,” explained Catherine Avendano, Head of Employee Services at MuleSoft. “It’s about making better choices throughout the day.”

That’s the idea behind “Fit Feb,” the company’s wildly popular month-long employee health challenge which Avendano says changed the office culture for good.


The fun started with a “Fit Feb” kick off party, complete with Kombucha and healthy snack bar. Reps from three gyms were on hand to discuss little changes that make a big difference, like mixing in movement, play and wiser munchies throughout the workday. A lively—and quite social—month of wholesome good times ensued.


There were many ways to rack up points in this playful competition. Here are a few:

  • Hold an outdoor or walking meeting
  • Attend an OMY yoga class
  • Pause for a mindfulness session
  • Enjoy new, healthier in-office catering
  • Rally colleagues to exercise together—especially people from other teams
  • Take an onsite posture or nutrition workshop

“The idea is to live a great, whole life,” Avendano said, noting that employees loved the new caterer and yoga so much they became permanent. “Now ‘Fit Feb’ is just part of our common language. It has been a great way to honor the smart, compassionate, multi-dimensional people we hire here.”

That feels good for everybody. Great work, MuleSoft.


Bright and healthy ideas abound at Eventbrite


San Francisco based Eventbrite is all about bringing people together. By connecting them to great events around the globe, Eventbrite helps people learn more, share more and celebrate this fascinating world of ours.


With a mission that’s all about personal growth, Eventbrite delivers some of the best wellness services of any biz we’ve had the pleasure to Namaste with.

Along with yoga by OMY, Eventbrite serves up all this, right at the office:

  • Rest and Recharge rooms (hello, nap)
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Dental Care
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Healthy group lunches
  • Mindfulness classes
  • 15-minute manicures or pedicures
  • An employee education program called Brite Talks (think your own private City Arts and Lectures right at the office)
  • A "take the time you need" vacation policy 
  • Maternity leave and support practices that even Sweden might envy



When people have the opportunity to recharge and take care of themselves, they are more productive and happier. I like to think we provide a few little things to help them that go a long way.”
— Sara Groton, Eventbrite Vendor Management Coordinator (we prefer “Chief Happiness Designer”)


This stellar office culture starts with married co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz who have always put a premium on health and feeling good. As the parents of young children, who also run a company, they know the hurdles well. So they set out to create a visionary workplace that’s great for humans—where they can do their best work and lead full, stimulating lives.

Mission accomplished big time, Eventbrite. Kudos, love and gratitude from OMY.