A healthier culture in a month

Here’s how MuleSoft did it.

“Being healthy isn’t just about running marathons,” explained Catherine Avendano, Head of Employee Services at MuleSoft. “It’s about making better choices throughout the day.”

That’s the idea behind “Fit Feb,” the company’s wildly popular month-long employee health challenge which Avendano says changed the office culture for good.


The fun started with a “Fit Feb” kick off party, complete with Kombucha and healthy snack bar. Reps from three gyms were on hand to discuss little changes that make a big difference, like mixing in movement, play and wiser munchies throughout the workday. A lively—and quite social—month of wholesome good times ensued.


There were many ways to rack up points in this playful competition. Here are a few:

  • Hold an outdoor or walking meeting
  • Attend an OMY yoga class
  • Pause for a mindfulness session
  • Enjoy new, healthier in-office catering
  • Rally colleagues to exercise together—especially people from other teams
  • Take an onsite posture or nutrition workshop

“The idea is to live a great, whole life,” Avendano said, noting that employees loved the new caterer and yoga so much they became permanent. “Now ‘Fit Feb’ is just part of our common language. It has been a great way to honor the smart, compassionate, multi-dimensional people we hire here.”

That feels good for everybody. Great work, MuleSoft.