"A mindful worker is a happier worker" on the Harvard Health Blog

YES! It's true! Check out Harvard Health's blog discussing a study looking at workers with psychological distress. "The active intervention group completed an eight-week mindfulness training program that consisted of 2-hours classes each week at work and 45 minutes of daily meditation homework. The control group did not receive any mindfulness training but reported regularly on their psychological wellbeing."


What does that mean? "The workers who took the mindfulness class had less prolonged fatigue (the feeling of exhaustion that doesn't go away even after having a chance to rest), felt less stressed, had reduced anxiety and depression, got better sleep, had less aches and pains and less problems getting along with others."

YES, YES, YES to feeling healthier, happier + more engaged in life! Mindfulness is dose-related. The more we practice mindfulness throughout the day, the more mindful we are. 

Let's do it. Give it a try!

Choose one thing you do each day - brushing your teeth, eating a meal, walking the dog. Turn your phone off. Use your senses with your experience - sight, smell, touch, taste + sound. Observe your breath, any thought and emotions you are currently having (without attachment or judgement). It's normal to get stuck in a thought during your experience. Celebrate it! Support that awareness and bring your attention back to your breath and explore the sensations of the breath. 

It is easiest if you are new to mindfulness/meditation to follow a guided meditation. OMY recommends HEADSPACE