Happy Baby/Reclined Squat for Tight Hip Flexors + Back Pain

This is a great stretch to sprinkle in your workday! No change of clothes required if you are wearing pants. This pose opens the hips, inner thighs + groin. It releases the lower back + may relieve lower back pain. It also helps relieve stress + fatigue. Find a quiet place or small meeting room for privacy if you'd like. Come onto your back. Take the soles of your feet to the ceiling. You will want your shoulders and lower back to be on the ground and relaxed. Level 1, hold behind your knee creases. Level 2, hold onto your shins, keeping your shoulders relaxed. Level 3, hold the pinkie toe edges of your feet or your peace sign fingers on your big toes. Remember, there should be no stress in your shoulders and your lower back should be relaxed on the ground. Now, bring your attention to your breath. Take 10, slow, steady breaths into your groin/lower back. Open your mouth for the exhales to release any tension. Slowly rise. Enjoy your day! Try it out and let us know what you think below. xo