Put your Hips in Extension

We know that sitting for prolonged periods may lead to postural imbalances. The knees + hips are in flexion which cause the hip flexors and hamstrings to be tight. Kneeling Warrior Pose is an OMY favorite to stretch the front hip flexors, quads and knees ✌🏼 Grab a mat, block and a soft pillow if you have one. Bring your block in front of you for support. Come to your hands + knees. Lean your torso forward + take one knee to the wall. Place your heel of that bent knee to the outside of your butt. This allows your top thigh bone to internally rotate. With your hands on your block, step your other foot forward into a lunge. Knee above ankle. Level 1 as shown on the left picture, walk your front foot forward so your hips can come forward and down. Use the block to bring the floor closer to you. Level 2, shown on the right, lift your torso upright. Draw the front foot hip back and in. Lengthen the spine as you lift the front hip bones up as the floating ribs absorb in. Relax your face and shoulders. Stay for 10 breaths. Repeat each side twice. Give it a try and leave your comments below.

Kneeling Warrior Pose