It is crucial to have a proper workstation setup and the right tools & education to ensure that employees are preventing repetitive movement injuries (RMIs). Common injuries & musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor ergonomics are carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, back pain & tennis elbow. 

OMY provides ergonomic assessments to ensure that employees' workstations are ergonomically set up to maximize productivity & minimize the risk of injury. During each individual assessment, we look for risk factors in desk set up as well as movement patterns. We make necessary changes & adjustments, offer equipment recommendations & educate employees about best practices. 


Ergonomic assessments in the workplace reduce worker compensation & health care costs, improve productivity & product quality, increase employee engagement & promote a better overall health & safety culture. Ergonomics show your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value. 

California's Ergonomics Standard is aimed at minimizing repetitive motion injuries (RMI) in the workplace. The first such regulation in the nation, it was created by the state Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board as the result of a 1997 legislative mandate.

We offer a variety of options including one off assessments and assessment for the entire office. Please contact us (or call 415-508-8697) to discuss the best option for your business.