We all know the workday has its rough spots, from commute slogs and deadline pressures to some serious sit-a-thons at the desk. Thatโ€™s why more and more wise companies are keeping their edge, and keeping their people smiling, with yoga.

Office Meet Yoga (OMY) is a team of seasoned yogis ready to bring mindfulness and yoga classes to you, when and where you need them most: at work.

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The office on yoga = 42% more smiles
in the hallway

Yoga and mindfulness are known to:

  • Supercharge focus and concentration
  • Releeeease some serious stress
  • Enhance productivity
  • Make teamwork significantly friendlier 
  • Increase commitment to overall health
  • Boost the "I love my job" factor

What could greater focus and caffeine-free pep do for your people?

Sitting at my computer for hours makes my back feel great.
— Said by no one, ever

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