Because we do yoga and because we want to offer the perfect classes for your team. That could mean any combination of the following OMY specialities. Please take a look and contact us (or call 415-508-8697) to discuss which classes are right for you.


Total newbies and seasoned yogis alike enjoy our all-levels classes. We’ll cover neck and shoulders, hip openers, legs, core and balance—a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s nothing we love more than converting a yoga skeptic or a shy newcomer who’s worried about looking weird in downward dog. We believe everyone looks perfect doing yoga.


No gym at your office? No problem. We do yoga in conference rooms, lobbies, hallways — you name it. We’ll tour your facilities to help you scout a good location. Sometimes there’s room available at a nearby office too. Hello, neighbor! 


It’s true. You can do some powerful and transformative yoga right at your desk or table. We lead groups of all sizes and work with the space and props available right where you sit or in a nearby conference room. No clothing change required. 

Special Events Yoga

Off-site yoga sessions can be the highlight of group retreats, team-building gatherings and executive meetings. Yoga and mindfulness sessions are the perfect way to reward employees and partners, show you care, build solidarity and add healthy movement to conferences and other extended events. 

Mindfulness and Breath Work

A powerful complement to yoga, our mindfulness classes use guided centering techniques to create deep mental stillness. Our certified mindfulness instructors help even the busy bees slow down to achieve deep relaxation and tranquility while tapping hidden reserves of creativity, concentration and emotional freedom.