Laurie Eagle, Founder

Laurie Eagle left a successful, high-hustle career in sales to pursue her passion for wellness. Over the past 10 years, she has taught yoga in studios, parks, offices, gardens and lobbies—anywhere free of falling rocks really—all over California. Laurie is a certified mindfulness coach and loves watching people feel more powerful and balanced in their own skin. Laurie believes that contentment, self-kindness and playfulness are the stuff of a good life. She learned a lot of this from her dog, Fergie.

Laurie’s life wasn’t always this balanced. Read her full story here.

Karly Railsback, Growth

Karly Railsback is a Licensed Massage Therapist, 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Health Educator. Over the last 15 years she has studied and practiced holistic health in California, Alaska and Hawai’i. She brings her knowledge and experience to the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily providing wellness in the workplace. She has helped to create and execute yoga, massage and meditation programs at companies such as Twitter, Twitch.tv, Learnist, Orchestra One, ZeroCater and Rackspace. Karly sees workplace wellness offerings as a unique opportunity to truly meet people where they are at. Providing yoga, massage and meditation within the context of one’s daily life is a smart way to make self-care practical, simple and accessible. In addition to workplace wellness, Karly teaches public classes in Oakland and Berkeley. Inspiration for her work comes from contemporary yoga teachers, Tibetan Buddhism and the science of Ayurveda. She aspires to use Yoga and Massage Therapy as tools to empower people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.