Yoga can be the foundation of a rich and inspiring life. I know from experience. When I first tried it 15 years ago, I was in a high-powered corporate sales job, running my days on stress and adrenaline.

My job selling medical devices and medications had me in ERs, intensive care units and operating rooms. This meant spending much of my time around terminal illness, which took an emotional toll on me.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t taking the best care of myself and knew I needed to make changes.

That’s when I discovered yoga and its positive, proactive approach to health. This was more than a little refreshing for me.

Yoga views the individual as powerful. I just love that.

In the yogic view, good health is active, dynamic and in the hands of each person. Over time, my yoga practice showed me that when you take care of your mind and body, you feel better, get more done—and get so much more out of life.

Yoga breeds an attitude of kindness towards yourself and the world around you. This stays with you, on or off the yoga mat.

After logging hundreds of training hours I became a full-time yoga instructor in 2009— turning my passion into my dream job. 

Now, with an incredible team of yogis, I bring this life-opening practice to people all over the Bay Area.  

I hope you’ll join us.

With love and shoulder openers,