Here’s what some of our amazing clients have said about us.

We’ve been working with Laurie and her network of teachers for over three years with rave reviews from our team at ModCloth. Laurie cultivates an open, welcoming atmosphere that is truly a break from the work day. She also designs her classes to be accessible to beginners, yet appropriately challenging for those who are more experienced. She’s reliable, easy to work with, and really knows her stuff.
— Susan Gregg Koger - Chief Creative Officer ModCloth

Over the past three and a half years, Laurie and her team have become a popular part of our health and wellness program at Eventbrite. Our employees look forward to their classes to clear their heads and sharpen their focus. We believe this has a great ripple effect on the whole team, in both our morale and productivity. Laurie and her team are not only talented instructors but also caring wellness advocates. Like us, they know that people do their best work when they feel good and when they know their company cares about them. Her team has helped us in both of these ways. We’re so glad we found her.
— Julia Hartz, Co-Founder & President, Eventbrite

I have been consistently working with Laurie for two years now. Not only has my practice advanced significantly, but I have been able to understand exactly where my poses can advance and her hands on adjustments and ebullient attitude makes the practice approachable and so beneficial. I have been able to find an oasis at work, as well as come back into my afternoon work day refreshed, with the right perspectives.
— Meghan Dougherty, Eventbrite

I have been taking classes with Laurie for over three years now, and could not be happier. She has been a corporate yoga instructor at our office, and the entire company adores her. Laurie is an amazing teacher. She is warm, supportive, motivating, and reminds you not to take the class (or life) too seriously. Laurie is great at keeping things interesting. Every class is different, so I always feel like I am improving my practice.

Laurie is truly one of the best yoga instructors in the Bay Area. I am excited to keep growing my practice with her.
— Ali D., Eventbrite

We’re so impressed with Laurie. She’s very real and down to earth. She really understands what it means to bring yoga to the workplace. Our employees just love her.
— Catherine Avendano Head of Employee Services, MuleSoft